Benefits of UVElite


UVElite WOOD is the fastest floor renovation system on the market, giving shops, restaurants and hotels less down time and thereby increasing business opportunities. A UVElite WOOD restored surface has full strength and can withstand heavy use immediately after curing. Compare this with the conventional PUR treatments which take 3-7 days to be fully cured and you can see why floors owners and contractors alike are now seeing the possibilities of high quality, low-cost, rapid renovation of floors.



UVElite WOOD minimises early-use damage to recently finished floors. It is cured on site with ultraviolet light from a portable UV machine. The floors are cured instantly making them ready for high traffic use. UV-light reacts the photoinitiators within the coating, causing them to instantly bond and complete the curing process.


UVElite WOOD’s formula represents the cutting edge of finish technology, and ensures the maximum durability and strength. Our strength comes from advanced integration of ceramic particles – one of the toughest minerals available.


A renovation system free from the isocyanates used in conventional commercial lacquers, results in very low VOC emissions into the air. Couple that with the easy to clean surface, and it makes the system both safe to work with and it gives a clean and healthy working environment. This makes UVElite WOOD one of the most environmental friendly floor finishes available.