Case Studies


“When we first visited the UVElite RES-renovated linoleum floors we first thought that we had been taking the elevator to the wrong floor! We had just recently put in a new floor on another level and it was there we thought we had entered. The renovated floor is as neat and of the same quality as the new floor we put in another part of the property. The entire renovation cost only represented about 30% of the cost in relative terms compared with the floors we already replaced. The renovated floor is easy to clean and has contributed to cleaner surfaces, and saved time to other facility service.”

– Eva Torell
Responsible for internal care at AB Eidar. Stromkarlens Senior Housing in Trollhattan


“The schools vinyl floor in the entrance hall was renovated with UVElite RES 3.5 years ago. Even if the floors have a very high load with over 700 students and at least 3000 passages a day, no specific floor care has been needed on the surface. The floor requires less cleaning chemicals and materials than before to keep the floor in good condition. Even the mundane anvil has become easier. On the other floors the mop needs to be pressed hard onto the floor to make effect. It is not necessary for the UVElite RES renovated floors that are both easy to clean and significantly reduces strain on the body. There will also be more time that can be spent on the other activities. Dirt measuring with ATP showed that the renovated floors were much cleaner than the other floors.”

– Lema Demir
Facility Manager at Onneredschool. Gothenburg


The Emergency Service Station had to be able to keep operating during the entire renovation without any intervention or obstructions. The work went quickly without delays, despite the fact that the floors have intensive traffic and is open for 24 hours a day. More than a year after the renovation, one can barely discern any wear or tear on the surface despite the intensive traffic. The facility’s refurbishment, including the linoleum floors, were original from 1986, so we were glad to be able to restore and keep the original look.”

– Tomas Sunnerdahl Tech- and Facility services. Norra Alvsborgs Emergency Service Station